Prime Loading Central Deposit Verification and Cut-off times

All deposits and internet banking fund transfer made to any of LoadPal accounts are manually verified through our Deposit Verification Form. The amount you deposited / transferred will be FULLY loaded / credited to your LoadCentral wallet up to the last cent once we processed the verification.

We are committed to process the verification within the day on the average of 30-60 minutes depending on the volume of transactions. It could take a bit longer if the Bank’s system is down which is beyond our control.

Cut-off Times

Cut-off time for submission of Deposit Verification Form is 4:00 PM from Monday to Friday while deposit verification and wallet replenishment is done until 9:00 PM. All Deposit Verification Forms submitted beyond the cut-off time will be processed on the next business day. No verification and load replenishment is done during holidays.

Prime Reloading Central has the right to revoke the deposit verification request if the details provided are incomplete, incorrect, or has conflict with other deposits.

LoadCentral Retailer Registration

Do you want to start a business but don’t have enough capital? Worry no more because at LoadCentral, you can start a business with minimal capital (as low as P300.00). Continue reading “LoadCentral Retailer Registration”

Primavera P6 Adding Activities


After we create a Project, we shall proceed on adding some details to it. Project Scheduling is the step on identifying how we will execute the project, identify our scopes and consider all possible interruptions that will affect our schedule.


  • Learn how to create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Adding Activities
  • Identifying Activity Duration
  • Learn about Sequence & Relationships

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Primavera P6 Creating Project


Now that we’ve created our OBS and EPS on our previous tutorial, we are now set to create a Project. Once we’ve created our EPS, we can add projects to it. EPS can contain many projects and is a good way of grouping them. On the other hand, OBS is the organization that will handle the project.


  • Create a Project
  • Learn the use of EPS and OBS in project
  • Project Calendars

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Review 1-2: Basic Commands

By the use of Command line, we can command AutoCad to draw certain objects like line, circle, etc. and make some few adjustment on the existing drawing. First you should familiarize yourself to basic commands of AutoCad illustrated below.

Commands Command Keys Effect
Line Line / L Create a Line whose starting and end point is defined.
Circle Circle / C Create a Circle whose center must be defined with its corresponding radius/diameter.
Erase Erase / E Deletes an object.
Print Print or Plot / Ctrl + P Enables the print/plot configuration box.
Undo Ctrl + Z / U Undo the last command.

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Review 1-1: Co-ordinates and Angles

Reviewing my AutoCad lessons. I already have a background in AutoCad yet still i am reviewing the basics. This is the compilation of what I’ve reviewed in order for me to have my own copy in case that I will need it someday.

One of the most Important thing is to know the concept of co-ordinate system. This is essential in AutoCad since it is accurate when it comes to measurements. The basic co-ordinate is X,Y Plane. X,Y Plane is used for 2D drawings. It best represents floor plans. Continue reading “Review 1-1: Co-ordinates and Angles”